EMS – 5 Tips for an Effective PowerPoint

crushed truck

A PowerPoint presentation can be an effective tool to assist in training.  The following are five tips for a successful presentation.

  • Hold to schedule – Determine how much time is allotted for the specified training.  Ensure that your presentation can be delivered in the specified amount of time, allowing time for questions.  If a training session is set for one hour, hold to it. Otherwise, people will begin to “tune out” and you will lose your ability to deliver the message.
  • Images and graphics – Images and graphical representations are a very effective way of delivering a message.  Remember, an image can say something a lot more succinctly than words.  Consider starting the presentation with a dramatic image to catch you audience’s attention.
  • Bullets – Use short bulleted points as discussion prompts.  Do not incorporate lengthy paragraphs; no one wants to have you read a paragraph to them.  If you need additional prompts to ensure all points are covered, use the notes section of the PowerPoint.
  • Prepare and rehearse – Take the time to properly prepare and rehearse the presentation.  Rehearse the presentation until you can accurately anticipate the next slide.  There is no substitute for preparation.
  • Anticipate questions – Allow time for, and anticipate questions.  One effective way I’ve found of doing this is to present the PowerPoint to some colleagues.  Allow them to ask questions and discuss responses, this will prepare you to respond to questions.

PowerPoint presentations can be an effective tool in the training of personnel.  Using these tips will help to capture and hold your audience’s attention.  Do you have any other suggestions for an effective PowerPoint?  As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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