About Clark Burton

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a mining professional with 20+ years of experience.  I’m a results oriented individual and am passionate about the mining industry.  My interest in the mining industry started at a young age as I was always fascinated with heavy equipment.  While still a teenager, I had the opportunity to work at a sand and gravel operation and learn to operate various types of equipment.  While exploring career options in high school, I became interested in mining.

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from the University of Utah where I received the “Oblad Medal of Excellence” my senior year.  I’m currently enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the University of Nevada Reno and anticipate graduating from the program in August 2014.

I completed two years of missionary service work during my college years and can read, write, and speak Spanish fluently.  This ability has proven valuable throughout my career in managing projects both domestically and internationally.

I’m currently working at an open-pit gold mine in Eureka, Nevada in the capacity of the CHESS superintendent.  In this role, I manage the Community Relations, Health, Environmental, Safety and Security programs at the mine site.  I bring a unique background and perspective to this position.  I have over 15 years of project management experience where I managed aspects of the safety and health as well as the environmental requirements associated with the projects.   This project management experience as proven to be a valuable asset in the management of the environmental projects and in the implementation of an ISO 140001 compliant EMS.


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